Kampala April 30 – May 6

I spend Saturday on the code for loonspace. I had 
somehow lost the C code for Implements and Loonspace,
 and it just didn't work out to send the old marked 
scores used by others. It was harder than I predicted 
and I didn't finish. 

Sunday I went to Mabire Forest, less than 2 hours 
away, and recorded more birdsong on a nice forest 
walk. I had roasted chicken on a stick at the nearby 
village, and entertained the children and myself at 
the stands there by taking pictures of the kids and 
then showing what I'd photographed to them. I was 
also invited in to one of the shops, and talked with 
the women in side. It was dark, but there was a TV 
and saloon hairdryer inside. I was really tired after
 female red-tailed monkey

May 2-6 I had LOTS of meetings with various people 
and groups about potential collaborations, and 
continued teaching the Stawa U course for an hour or 
hour and a half each evening. Since here I've met 
with, sometimes more than once, House of Talent, 
Mikael from Uganda Heritage Roots (Makarere), 
Livingstone from Talented Entertainers, an Aids 
action group Reach Out, people at Art for Social Change
school, and others. It has been busy 
enough that I've had little time to work on sound! 
I've usually enjoyed these meetings as they are 
windows into different worlds, and Ugandans are 
generally so kind, unpretentious and serious about 
what they are doing, in a relaxed way. The meeting 
Kalungi, a performer and teacher, is going to result
in a collaborative piece. 

I checked on my dresses I'd ordered to be handmade 
at African Queen, 2 blocks away, and they were in 
progress, and looking very good. 
I also had the idea to do an installation of the nature sounds for 
TATS here in the lobby, and we are planning for it.

About marahelmuth

Composer / researcher specializing in computer music, professor at CCM, at the University of Cincinnati. Embarking on a trip to Uganda April 13, 2011. I will be working with Teach and Tour Sojourners, who arrange tours in the parks and reserves and lectures at universities. On the tours I'll be recording wildlife sound and video, to be used in future compositions.
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