May 9-10

I went to an "African African" restaurant, as Larry 
called it.
In an area with a lot of small shops you find a woman 
cooking things in big pots
and tell her what you want. There is a dirt floor and 
metal roof. I got
fish, vegetables, matoke, rice and posho. And a Stony 
Tamagizwa, ginger
beer, as usual. This all cost about $1.50, a huge meal, 
and was freshly
cooked. We sat at a table outside a shop in the area. 
A dog was lying
in the shade of a truck near me, but he was not 
interested in my matoke.

Tues I tried to meet with the Maltech U principal 
(president) but he wasn't there. I'll just show up 
tomorrow to do a lecture there. We went to the Hare 
Krishna restaurant which was good downtown, and battled 
traffic through a couple of other stops for TATS 
business and back to the guesthouse before it rained.

Finally finished loonspace.c to create new scores, 
and sent 10 of them off to Hoon in Seoul. I guess 
they will perform the piece in October. It will be 
nice to have this program for other uses, too. 

The Stawa class was great. Prof Justinian Tamasuza 
(composer), 4 or 5 of his former students, and his 
wife Prof Sylvia Tamasuza (ethnomusicologist) came, 
and were enthusiastic participants. I talked about 
granular synthesis. I played Smoke, and they loved it. 
Usually when I play a piece people here love 
it. We are planning for some future seminar online, 
or next summer maybe. 

I have been enjoying the Stawa U. students, as they 
are learning something new and generally like it, but 
this was on a new level with a bunch of composers! 
They are enthusiastic about learning electronic music. 
Prof Tamasuza studied electronic music as a grad student 
at Northwestern and at
Belfast. I created a resource document and sent it 
around on flash drive. I also found out they have a 
whiteboard and projector here, altho it's not for sure 
that the projector works. 

So tomorrow (Wed) I have a talk at Maltech U, a meeting with 
collaborator Kalungi who will bring me an akogo (thumb 
piano), the Stawa U class, and maybe dinner at the 
rotating restaurant with a view. Thursday I head off 
to Entebbe to see the botanical garden and then catch 
my flights back to the US. I am very eager to see T 
and S, but also kind of surprised that the month here 
has gone by so quickly. I will miss Uganda, but am so 
enriched by the visit!

About marahelmuth

Composer / researcher specializing in computer music, professor at CCM, at the University of Cincinnati. Embarking on a trip to Uganda April 13, 2011. I will be working with Teach and Tour Sojourners, who arrange tours in the parks and reserves and lectures at universities. On the tours I'll be recording wildlife sound and video, to be used in future compositions.
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